What to write and what to avoid in a Company Press Release

Company press releases need to be short and direct. The whole point of a company press release is to provide news related information about your company. This could be a new product or service the company is offering or it could simply be a fun fact about the progress of the company itself. Just make sure the press release relates to your specific company offering, it is relevant to your customers and it engages them.

Avoid long-winded content that may be something as a business owner you feel is necessary to be told but in reality may just be content that rambles. Put your self into your customers or potential customers situation and write your Press release from their perspective. Remember that the way we consume information in the modern era is short sharp engaging and to the point. If we get the interest of our readers quickly we can then go onto more in-depth descriptive content for those seeking to completely informed before they make their next move.

In the digital era the content we create for stories to be published takes on other aspects that in the past written stories appearing in print did not have to consider. For instance, as mentioned earlier we have to consider that it is easy for a viewer to simply ‘click’ away to somewhere else if they are not engaged with the content. Another consideration is that our articles, if or when they are published need to be ‘found’ be those we want to communicate with. So our release now require consideration of the words and terms we want to be found when searched for in Google and the like. Our copy needs to set up for Search Engine Optimisation or SEO and it is referred to.

When or if you contract a consultant to perform such tastes it is important to consider the characteristics your business Press releases will require so that they not only suit your company brand but also are produced to gain search engine rankings and also engage your customers. Such an example of a company that specializes in producing content can be seen at this Brisbane SEO agency – The Lime Lab Facebook page.

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