The Importance Of Professional Mould Removal

In both wet and dry climates mould can become a problem in many houses. It can thrive in warm, damp conditions – but dry conditions are no guarantee that it will not make its home on drywall, on material, wooden surfaces and many more places in the home. There are ample supplies of moisture in homes that are situated in dry climates – think of kitchens, attics and basements.

Mould is not only unsightly, but can pose a serious risk to those in the home. People with allergies, conditions such as asthma, or upper respiratory tract infections or decreased functioning of the immune system can be at serious risk from spores and fragments of mould that are found in the air. This is aside from the fact that mould can damage structures and negatively affect the value of a property.

This is why timeous mould removal is so important. If the homeowner becomes aware of damp smells or sees mould on surfaces, the best approach is to call in the professionals. It is possible to remove certain types of mould using over the counter anti mould treatments – but there are moulds that are resistant to the application of these chemicals – and certain of these can be extremely dangerous.

A professional mould removal company will inspect the home to first identify those parts of the structure that have a mould problem, as well as identify structural issues that may be contributing to the growth of mould (such as faulty plumbing). The company will then perform a variety of tests that will typically include air quality testing and taking of swabs to identify the type of mould that is growing. This will dictate the approach that they take to eliminate the mould problem – and approach that will typically use highly specialised industrial chemicals to first ensure that the immediate problem is dealt with and that secondly the mould will not reappear.

Mould removal services are a vital part of protecting the health of the occupants of a home – and protecting the most valuable asset that many people own – a property. The sooner the problem is addressed the better, ignoring it can have severe medium and long term consequences.