Tips For Trade Show Displays

If you are heading for a trade show, your booth and display need to be carefully planned. Trade show displays are the basis of success at these shows. If this is your first time at a trade show, there are some display and booth tips that you need to know about.

Tell People Exactly What You Do

You should never assume that people at the trade show know what you do. Only large multi-national corporations like Apple and Google have this kind of recognition. As a smaller company, your trade show displays have to tell the viewer what you do.

Having your display tell people what you do will also save you time when you talk to them. Instead of explaining what it is you do, you can get right into your other information. You will also weed out the uninterested parties who are only talking to you to find out what you do.

Make Yourself Stand Out

You are going to be one of many at the trade show and this can be a serious problem. You do not want to fade into the background, but stand out and make people notice you. There are a few ways that you can go about doing this without annoying anyone.

Bright and bold colors are one of the ways that you can achieve this. Of course, if you are going to use colors, you need to stay on brand with them. There is no point in having bright orange to attract people if it has nothing to do with the rest of your business.

When it comes to standing out, you need to do this in a way that is not a hard sell. Being too sale orientated at a trade show can put people off. Make sure that you engage with people in a normal way and do not try and push your products or services on them.

Give Something Away

Everyone loves a freebie, but you need to choose something that people actually want. Do not give attendees something that they are going to throw away as soon as they get to their hotel. Your freebie should be something that stands out, but does not have to be extremely expensive.

Some of the freebies that you may want to consider are bottles of water and snacks. This is often in short supply at a trade show and more people will stop at your display if you are offering them food or drinks. It is also something that they will appreciate more than a fidget spinner.

Have Your Name On It

Trade show displays need to have your name and it should be prominently placed. Your name should be easy to see when people walk past the display. Booths and displays without names generally go unnoticed and people do not want to search out the name of the company.

However, this is not the only place that you need to have your name. If you are going to give freebies, make sure that they are branded. You want people to remember your brand and the best way to do this is to expose them to it as often as possible.

There are a lot of tips that you can use to make your trade show display the best possible. Clear messaging is important and should never be compromised for attention-grabbing.